Helping Businesses

mean more and

succeed more.

John Paul and Nathalie

Co-Founders and Leaders

Power Couple

Leading The Wave

Our purpose is helping businesses find theirs. LJDG is led by husband and wife team John Paul and Nathalie Keene; Both closet nerds, philosophers, nature lovers and shameless rebels bent on changing the world. 

Our company vision is to see a culture that values meaning in life just as much as succeeding in life. Through cutting-edge brand strategy and innovative visual design, we seek to discover and enhance each company’s unique purpose and identity.

Finding Genuine

Being cool lasts for a moment, being genuine lasts forever. By building from a foundation of genuine purpose, our brands maintain true identity and lasting significance.

We Believe

Every business has a larger than life destiny to fulfill

We Believe

Making a difference is the key to making money.

We Believe

A mission is more than a mission statement.

We Believe

Profit and purpose go hand in hand.

We Believe

Brands should be genuine or nothing at all.