Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy

Relationships are two sided. It’s important to understand your customers, yes, but it’s even more important to understand who you are at your core! It’s crucial to define your core purpose, values, and company culture before anything else so your brand can stand strong when trends change and markets shift. Purpose is your north star through it all.

Once you’ve defined your own internal culture, it’s time to switch gears and focus outward on your customers and competitors. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your competition’s strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators. Then we analyze your various market segments to determine exactly how to ‘position’ your brand in the mix.

A brand book is the summation of our research and strategy work. It defines who you are as a brand, from your purpose to your ‘mission, vision, values’ and your brand positioning statement. It serves as a high level road map for navigating through decades of market change without losing your core identity. Companies who ‘know who they are’ last longer.

How Can We Help?

"Success demands singleness of purpose"
- Vince Lombardi


We've created 3 turn-key packages that we believe will help you reach your present business goals.

Brand Strategy

Á La Carte Brand Strategy
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  • Stakeholder Discovery Sessions
  • Customer and Competitor Research
  • Company Purpose & Culture
  • Customer Avatars
  • Brand Book

Small Business Package

Turn Key Online Solution
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  • Brand Strategy + Brand Book
  • Brand Identity + Style Guide
  • Custom Website
  • Custom Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Social Channel Design

Enterprise Package

Digital Workflow Creation
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  • Small Business Package
  • + In Depth Market Segmentation
  • + Segmented Identity Design
  • + Extensive Web Projects
  • + Social Media Management
  • + Major Graphic Applications