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Take Your Time Back

Lighty Financial


Bookkeeping is not typically the most exciting industry. Neither is it first on the list of business types that are creating powerful change in the world. This project presented us with the exciting challenge to turning all of that on its head. After extensive strategy work we determined that the leadership had a passion for travel, recreation, and sharing special moments with loved ones. We turned this passion into a purpose by positioning Lighty Financial as a service provider who inspires people to live life to the fullest and cherish the most important resource we have available… Time. Bookkeeping then becomes a means to a more purposeful end.

Final Brand

The final brand needed to communicate the purpose and value that the brand offered to potential clients. The tagline “Take Your Time Back” challenges prospects to get organized financially so that they can spend more time making memories and less time sweating over financial details. The brand was built for three separate avatars… each with a different motivation for finding free time:  1. The elderly retired couple 2. The young wanderlust couple 3. The all-but-single mom who’s husband works mostly abroad. Lastly, the brand needed to look sophisticated and establish trust so that high net-worth prospects would take interest and action. 

  • Brand Strategy
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  • Photography