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Logo Design

Logo design is about taking as much information as humanly possible and expressing it in as little information as humanly possible. The more refined a logo is, the more profound and memorable it is for customers.

Logos need to stand the test of time and that’s no easy task. In order to future proof your company’s mark, it’s important to avoid design trends and think instead about your brand’s core message. What would you say if time weren’t a factor?

Experienced designers create with the end goal in mind. Your logo needs to look good in every size and on every channel. We’ve done our job right if your logo is just as recognizable on a storefront as it is on a t-shirt or an iPhone application icon.

How Can We Help?

"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity."
- Douglas Horton


We've created 3 turn-key packages that we believe will help you reach your present business goals.

Custom Logo

Á La Carte Logo Design
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  • Discovery Session
  • 3 Logo Variations
  • Sample Mockups
  • Timeless Design
  • Logo Guidelines

Small Business Package

Turn Key Online Solution
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  • Brand Strategy + Brand Book
  • Brand Identity + Style Guide
  • Custom Website
  • Custom Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Social Channel Design

Enterprise Package

Digital Workflow Creation
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  • Small Business Package
  • + In Depth Market Segmentation
  • + Segmented Identity Design
  • + Extensive Web Projects
  • + Social Media Management
  • + Major Graphic Applications