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Passage Advisory


After intensive strategy sessions we determined that CEO, Michael Passage, had a unique care and passion for interpersonal connection and growth potential that other consultants did not. In a corporate world that has become overly systematized and impersonal, we saw a perfect opportunity to differentiate Passage Advisory as the wholesome, friendly brand that prioritizes relationships above profit.  The tagline “People-First Business Consulting” and slogan “People Come First” represent the company’s purpose and position in the market perfectly. They feel that it is their calling to bring work life balance and genuine care for people back into the corporate environment and by doing so, create more profitable organizations.

Final Brand

The passage advisory brand needed to: 1) Express the people first motto in word, photo, and design 2) Express authority as an established and trustworthy institution 3) Come across as modern and fresh, further differentiating it from the staleness of other consulting firms. The centerpiece of the brand is the logo. The PA mark has 3 distinct meanings in one. An abstraction of the letters P and A can be seen with a ‘passage’ between them moving upward from a constricted space to an open space symbolizing enlightenment. Further, this passage is shaped in the form of a question mark, signifying Passage Advisory’s commitment to answering all of their customers most pressing questions.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Photography


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Michael Passage, CEO:

I want to thank La Jolla Design Group for their outstanding work and service. Every aspect of my branding project has exceeded my expectations; their ability to bring out my story and my style into a single integrated message is nothing short of fantastic. Their content and layout for my new website really sets my presence above the competition. Their graphic designs have enabled me to put a solid, clear, and consistent brand into every aspect of my marketing. La Jolla Design Group, in John Paul and Nathalie, had consistent, and on top of it communication; listening and asking the right questions to pull out an amazing program. THANK YOU La Jolla Design Group!