The ‘DIY Delusion’ & Why It’s Better To Hire A Specialist

For the past 15 years our culture has fallen in love with the DIY concept. Do it yourself and do it for free!  Unfortunately, when it comes to designing your own website, it’s a lie…


HGTV taught us we could all be home flippers..

 Instagram taught us we could all be models…

Garageband told us we could all be music producers…

And… Wix said we could all be web designers

Expectation vs. Reality



You can compete with the pros and do it for free! Even better, you can do it all yourself!



You spend more money in the end, waste plenty of valuable time, and finish with a mess that you can’t salvage.

Why DIY Doesn’t Work


The law of diminishing returns

When we attempt to do everything ourselves, we use our time ineffectively. Our time has the potential to produce money, but when we spend it doing things that we are mediocre in, we take time away from doing the things we excel in (and can create the most profit from doing).


Saving money doesn’t create money

It seems logical to DIY because you’re not spending as much at first, but saving is not the same as investing. Smart business owners know that creating profit requires making smart investments.

Why Did We Start Believing This?


Circa 2004 (Enter Facebook, Garageband)

The dream of personal stardom became oh so close for the average person. Facebook allowed people to create their own personal brands and fan clubs and kids dreamed of becoming the next famous musician while recording songs in the privacy of their bedrooms. 

Circa 2005 (Enter Youtube)

Youtube upped the ante very quickly… replacing the movie stars of yester-year with the average Joe.

Circa 2006 (Times Person of the Year is You)

 The ‘You’ super hero fixation went into full gear in 2006 when Times magazine declared us all the person of the year! I still think it’s a funny joke to tell people I was the person of the year once.

Why Specialists Are Needed In 2019 and Beyond


Supply and Demand 

The great equalizing tools (That promise ‘The Professional Look’ for free) have turned around to bite themselves in the butt. Now that everyone has access to the ‘Professional Look’, it no longer looks professional. What we once thought was so cool looks blasé… simply because everyone has it.


Being one step ahead of the competition is the key to winning in business. Brands that care about staying relevant will happily hire fine artists, designers, brand reps, web designers, etc. in order to get something to differentiate them from the competition.


Have you ever asked yourself why things go out of style? Fads do not become obsolete because they no longer serve a functional purpose. They become obsolete because they lose their cool factor. You could easily use a 1st generation iPod to listen to the same music in your iTunes playlists, but… but… the new technology is just… you know, cooler!



Smart Businesses Are Investing In Specialists… 

The times have definitely changed and the DIY years are going fast. Brands can no longer skate by using free tools and hacks to reach customers… The brands that differentiate and invest in the proper specialists are the brands that will survive in 2019 and beyond. 

 Good News

We’re here to help, and we’re confident we can build you a website that will set your brand apart from the competition.

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