The Top 10 Web Design Trends To Incorporate In 2019

Does your site need an upgrade? Read on to learn about the top 10 most important web design trends to incorporate in 2019


1. 3D Design

This is truly a new thing and it is all the rage. Maybe you saw a bit of it on our own site and maybe you’ve seen bits of it other places… Having 3D animation is to 2019 what the parallax background was to 2016. The key to remember when incorporating 3D elements while designing your website is subtlety.

2. Organic Motion

With any new web design trend comes a ton of people who overdue it. Hover motion on buttons and images are great elements but the inexperienced designer will get a little too ‘creative’ and mix motion elements that shouldn’t be mixed. All of the motion should move together in a seamless and organic fashion.

3. Thinking ‘Outside The Box’

Many of the web design trends are intimately linked with the tools available to the designer. Older tools would tend to force designs into perfectly square grids but now we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Layered titles and images as well as ‘multi-images’ are creating a more comfortable and modern aesthetic. 

Before After

4. Photoshop / Graphic Design Elements

Let me explain… the tools we use to create websites can do a lot of phenomenal things but in order to get that professional touch, you need to create certain designs in photoshop or other external graphic design tools. A few well placed, custom designed elements can go a long way towards making your website standout above the rest.

5. Subtle, Soft, Shadows

Box Shadows are sort of low hanging fruit when it comes to adding depth and contrast to any element on your website. In 2019, subtlety is key when designing your website. Shadows are soft and broad and you barely even notice that they’re there. Kind of like salting your dinner, a little bit makes a huge difference.

6. Creative Typography

2019 is all about unique fonts and clever ways of combining them. No more than 2 main fonts should be used on your website but they can be combined in many ways with different weights (thicknesses) and sizes for a winning design.

7.  Simplicity 

The web has become so oversaturated with information that people are practically begging for simple content. Gone are the days when prospects will spend an hour on your website, reading every word you’ve written. They’re looking at competitors sites at the same time that they’re looking at yours and they want the information that they’re looking for as quickly as possible. 


8.  Live Chat 

So technically this really made it’s debut in 2018 but it’s not slowing down at all! Hosting Live Chat on your website is getting even more popular and is starting to become the standard for premium brands. 


9.  Consistent Photography

Believe it or not, the photos you choose are the #1 make or break factor. Since the advent of Instagram, our culture has become hyper aware of photo quality and style. Using the wrong filter and/or photo type can be a train-wreck for your brand, but most importantly you need to be consistent. Whatever style you choose for 1 photo, make sure it stays the same for all of your photos so that the design on your website looks cohesive!

10.  Decorations and Details

We’ve already established that web design in 2019 is all about simplicity and subtlety. Paying attention to details is the key to making sure your design is powerful while keeping it simple. Tiny floating shapes, hair size lines, and well placed splotches of color may not be noticed consciously but they bring the entire design together!

Hopefully this list gave you the words for some things you may have already been noticing. If you’re looking for someone to design your next website, we’d be happy to discuss how we can build your dream site!

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